Walk The Walk: The Moonwalk London

Breast cancer is a devastating disease that affects millions of women worldwide, and it takes a community effort to help fight it. One of the ways this fight is being waged is through events like the MoonWalk London, where individuals and teams come together to raise money for breast cancer charities.

Among these passionate individuals is Melissa Parfitt from Redleif Care, who has committed to raising money for the Walk to Walk charity at MoonWalk London 2023. The Walk to Walk charity was founded in 1996 by just 13 women who power-walked the New York City Marathon in their bras to raise money and awareness for breast cancer. Since then, the charity has grown to become a thriving multi-million pound organization that has raised over £100 million for vital breast cancer causes.

The MoonWalk is an overnight walk that takes place every year in London. Participants walk a full or half marathon, and the event is famous for its pink bra dress code. Melissa has committed to walking the full marathon in 2023, and she’s doing it for a cause that’s very close to her heart.

The money that Melissa raises will go towards vital breast cancer causes, including research into new treatments and support for those who are going through treatment. Walk to Walk is a charity that works hard to make sure that every penny raised goes towards these important causes, and Melissa is proud to be a part of this effort.

You can support Melissa by donating on her official fundraising page here.

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