The History Of Redleif Care

Where Did Our Name Come From?

Rob’s dad was a carpenter by trade and a builder of homes. He built the home Rob was born in. The house name was on the wall by the front door of his family home throughout the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and 00s. After his sudden passing sixteen years ago, the family home was sold.

Between lockdowns, Rob took a trip down memory lane and drove past the old family home, pulling over to take a closer look. To his surprise, the sign with the house’s name was still on the wall in the same place. He realised he wanted to take the sign back so, putting on a mask, and mustering plenty of courage, he walked down the drive, past many ghosts from his past, and knocked on the front door. After explaining who he was, he asked if he could take the sign. The new owners were happy to oblige, and he left with the house sign and a head full of memories.

The sign is now on the wall of Redleif House in Yeovil, Redleif Care’s new home for people in their later years, which offers all-inclusive luxury retirement with bespoke support. To this day, Rob can remember standing outside the front door of the family home with his dad asking why he called their home Redleif. He told him, “son, it’s your surname spelt backwards.” It’s a story he has never forgotten. When Rob founded Redleif Care with Melissa, choosing a name for the business was simple.

We have new signage for Redleif House, featuring our logo, which is modern and on-trend. However, this old Redleif sign made by a carpenter working hard to raise a young family, back in the 1960s, will stay on the wall of its new home as an acknowledgement of the past, in memory of Rob’s dad.

We must never forget our history and where we have come from.

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