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Welcome to Redleif Care’s dedicated page for Quality and Compliance Consultancy Services. In an industry where maintaining high standards is not just an expectation but a necessity, we are committed to ensuring that your care facility operates in full compliance with all regulatory guidelines. Our comprehensive suite of services is designed to help you navigate the complexities of quality assurance and regulatory compliance with ease and confidence.

Our service provision includes:

Mock Inspection

We will undertake a mock inspection of your service using the same method and inspection framework as CQC regulation, and can take place in the form of a site visit or remote access to your system.

In the event the inspection highlights breaches in compliance or practice that places the service at risk, the inspector will provide guidance and advice of how best to address and implement improvements.

Similar to a regulator inspection your service will be provided with verbal feedback of findings throughout, and you will be provided advice for any immediate actions required.  

A full comprehensive report will be provided with suggestions for improvements or adjustments. 

The inspection will consist of:

  • Practice observations
  • Review of compliance with CQC KLOE framework
  • Observation of quality of service and environment
  • Service user and employees quality reviews 
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Compliance in the workplace. Folders labeled Compliance, Violations in focus.

Dependent on the size and complexity of your service, a mock inspection will usually take no more than 3 days, and a full report will be provided within 5 working days after the inspection end date.   

Dependent on service size we advise completing mock inspections every 3 – 6 months.  

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Action Planning

Action planning is essential to support a compliant service and is an effective way of implementing and monitoring changes and adjustments within your service. If your service has  been inspected which identified areas of non-compliance or breaches of regulations,  you will need an action plan to achieve compliance.

An action plan is a legal requirement in the cases of regulation breaches. We support care providers in writing their action plans in the required format. We also support services to complete regular reviews of action plans. 

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Risk Assessments

Managing risk effectively and efficiently is essential to maintain compliance with CQC regulations.  

We provide support to services to identify and manage risk appropriately, and support to develop detailed risk assessments and supportive documentation that meet statutory regulations. 


Preparing for inspections

We provide advice and support for services to be inspection ready, by supporting you to develop your KLOE evidence folders. 

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Compliance auditing

It is essential for all providers to complete regular audits within their service. We undertake compliance audits looking at specific aspects of your service to ensure compliance is maintained, initially providing verbal feedback audit findings and a subsequent short report on findings and key actions for you.

Compliance mentorship and peer support

Mentoring is an effective way to keep senior leaders engaged, while they support the development of future leaders who are learning about what it takes to succeed within the organisation.  The academic and applied evidence is that mentoring programmes benefit health and care organisations by:

  • Enhancing engagement
  • Encouraging retention
  • Improving productivity

Our Mentoring 

We provide a supportive mentoring and peer support programme to service providers with the intension to:

  • Enhance knowledge, skills and confidence
  • To source insight and understanding of the social care service and changes with regulations and statutory expectations  
  • To support the implementation of new practices 
  • To encourage an innovation culture

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