Live-In Care

Later years Live-in care is when a trained professional carer stays with you or your loved one at home to provide ongoing care and support. 

Later years Live-in care is when a trained professional carer stays with you or your loved one at home to provide ongoing care and support.  Redleif carers skill sets are carefully matched with customer needs, with a loving personality to enrich your quality of life. Either short or long term, low needs, or complex conditions, we can help you. 

There will come a time in people’s lives when they need to arrange round the clock care and a support provision. Sometimes the personal choice is to move into a care home, but a more popular choice individuals are making is to stay in their own home and buy in the care and support which is bespoke to their individual needs in the form of a Live-in Care Worker. 

Your chosen Live-in Carer would move into the person’s home and would be available to meet all individual needs that has been highlighted in an assessment of need. 

Personally, you may feel this is particularly challenging and Redleif Care understand this and empathise. We adopt a personal centre approach where we match the bespoke need of the person requiring care and support, to the skill set of the Live-in Care Carer which in turn, makes a smooth transition. 

Loneliness is non discriminatory and can really affect a person’s mental health and well-being whilst they drift into isolation. 

A Live-in Carer can also provide companionship in many ways such as conversation, sharing meals, playing games, watching television, going out shopping, day trips, or an evening out to the theatre or cinema.  

What the Redleif Family can offer you with the benefits of Live-in Care.

When you opt for a Live-in Carer, you are opting to stay in your home in familiar surroundings and precious memories. You are opting to have a fulfilling presence in the community and maintain those community links, which in turn combats the damaging psychological well-being of an individual that lives in isolation. 

Animals and pets often can provide such emotional support to an individual and offer much unconditional love. The majority of care homes don’t allow pets and the breakup between pets and their owners can be devastating. Sometimes there is no coming back from a broken heart. Our live-in care team members can also look after the welfare of your pet in terms of love, taking them to the vets, feeding them, exercising, and looking after them to a high standard.  


Through a detailed assessment of your bespoke requirements and individual needs we tailor a care and support plan for you that focus on your strengths and agreed outcomes that will maintain and improve your quality of life.  

Care, support, social activities, mealtimes, the time you want to go to bed and awake and start your day in the morning will be decided by you. Your Live-in Care Worker can accompany you to any medical appointments. This helps you retain a sense of autonomy. You will be in total control over your daily routines and be supported and encouraged to remain as independent as possible which can help foster confidence and enjoyment.

You will be in total control over your daily routines and be supported and encouraged to remain as independent as possible which can help foster confidence and enjoyment. 

Bespoke tailored person-centred care and support

Individual needs are constantly changing and at times even daily. When you purchase one-to-one care via a Live-in Care Worker you will always receive the highest standard of care which is flexible and changeable to meet your care needs, especially if they become more complex. Our team of Live-in Care Workers are well trained and have the skill set to meet any changing needs to keep you safe and independent. 

We will always match your needs with a team member’s needs, this ensures we can provide the best care at an optimal level. 

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1-1 Care and support.

Live-in care has the benefit of offering one-to-one care. Within a care home, this is often not possible due to the staff to client ratio that means staff are often having to care for multiple clients. When a carer lives within the home of your loved one, they are able to offer their full attention to the person being cared for, ensuring that all their needs are met in a timely, efficient manner.  This can be important for matters such as medication. Livein care can lend itself to far better communication since the cared for person only needs to speak to one person, the live in carer, who knows the condition of your loved one.  

Healthy Senior Cares for himself and his appearance, Retirement life at home

 Elderly live-in care allows for better continuity of care.

Usually, with live-in care, one or two carers are involved with the care at home. This allows for continuity of care since there is not a rotation of multiple carers taking care of your loved one. With just one or two carers, a closer bond can be formed between the carers and the cared for individual. This can foster a healthier environment for your loved one and the carers are able to develop a clear understanding of the needs of the cared for person by being around them frequently and observing where the care is required. You and your loved one will also feel safer knowing that the carers are familiar to you and that they understand what is required from their care duties. 

Live-in care is bespoke to you.  

As the carer you have engaged is directly engaged by yourself this gives you a greater degree of flexibility whereupon the care worker can meet a variety of changing needs and requirements anything from companionship to a more complex needs package. Such as convalescence support upon a return from a hospital visit, to supporting someone on their dementia journey – the support is tailored to the individual as we know, dementia is a different journey for each person. 

We always work on the customers preferred outcomes and are always working with the individual in maintaining and enabling independence and not creating service dependency, so when skills are relearnt and recovery improves, we can step back, and when there are times when extra support is needed, we can step forward again. 

The care worker would become a trusted stakeholder in the customers life and can be, if agreed, the communication channel between family, GP’s and Social Services if required which would ensure quality of life, making sure that physical and mental well-being is being maintained.  

Private caregiver working at home

Personal choice.

Redleif Care offer a menu of care and support that meet the choice of the customer and their individual requirements. We recognise that everyone is different and want or need different things and some of the feedback we have on live-in care is that people wish to remain in their own homes with their belongings, familiar surroundings, pets, their garden, and in the place, they love, within their community. 

They can remain close to their family and loved ones and have a routine that suits their individual needs at a time and pace that suits them. 

If you have a partner that requires care and support now or in the future, you can both remain in your home and both receive the service provision that will help with care and support with daily living and household tasks. 

This can also work out more cost effective for you as it often works out better value than a care home. 

Enquire about your free care assessment.

At Redleif Care we recognise that everyone’s care journey is bespoke to them and the first step is to book a care assessment that will populate a need led, tailored, outcome focused support plan that enables independence. 

Phone 01935 713012 and ask for Janet. 

What does a Live-in Carer do?

A Live in Carer will help with housekeeping, getting dressed and ready, keeping the house clean and tidy to ensure it is safe, comfortable, and relaxing. Making sure any medication is taken at the right time, at the right dose (as per the prescription instructions) Going to the shops, chemist or anywhere that is required. Being there to listen and chat to, companionship, encouraging hobbies, and helping maintain an active and fulfilling social life. Helping to feed and exercise household pets, personal hygiene and offering a delicate, reassuring hand to get into clothes and feel good. Support with going to the bathroom, washing, and oral care. Preparing nutritious meals to individual tastes and dietary requirements, and ensuring hydration is prioritised. 

Full Time Care

The rate below is the usual cost of full-time live-in care for one person. This price should be used as a guide only, as rates are personalised to individual care needs. Call our care advisors for a personalised quote. 

Cost Per Week

  • Up to 12 hours a day from £1895 
  • Up to 10 hours a day from £1795 
  • Up to   8 hours a day from £1500  
  • Up to   6 hours a day from £1290  


This price includes: 

Household tasks 

e.g. Vacuuming, laundry and general housekeeping 


e.g. Preparing meals to taste and dietary requirements. 

Personal care 

e.g. Help with washing, oral care, going to the toilet, and prompting medication 


e.g. Daily company, and help getting out to see friends. 

Helping with daily pet care 

e.g. Feeding and exercising. 

Up to two nightly wakeups 

 e.g. Occasional help with things like getting to the toilet or providing reassurance. 

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